Executive Committee:
Rordan Hart, Chair
Lisa Holmes, Vice Chair
Vacant, Chief Fiscal Officer (City Controller of the City of Ithaca)
Peter Salton, Secretary
Kate DeVoe, JCPSD Chair
Gary Mutchler, Nominations & Engagement Committee Chair
Laura Granger, Operations Committee Chair
Bud Shattuck, Claims and Appeals Committee Chair
Judith Drake, Audit, Finance Committees Chair
Ray Bunce, At-large
Wendy Cole, At-large
Scott Steve, At-large
Amie Hendrix, At-large

Finance Committee: (Dissolution of the Audit & Finance Committee Res.012-2023)
Judith Drake, Chair
Rordan Hart, Vice Chair
Peter Salton
Kate DeVoe, Labor
Bud Shattuck
Amanda Anderson
Kerry Mannion



Audit Committee:
Judith Drake, Chair
Mark Emerson
Mary Bouchard

Joint Committee on Plan Structure and Design


Operations Committee:
Laura Granger, Chair
Judith Drake, Vice Chair
Ruby Pulliam
Brian Weinstein (Labor)
Janine Bond
Sunday Earle
Kerrie Fusco
Mark Emerson
Rita McCarthy
Kemi Shokunbi

Nominations and Engagement Committee:
Gary Mutchler, Chair
Kate DeVoe (Labor)
Judith Drake 
Rordan Hart
Claims and Appeals Committee:
Bud Shattuck, Chair
Don Fischer, Vice Chair
Tom Brown
Donna Dawson
Krissie Brown
Mike Murphy