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Over 100 Consortium subscribers use the CanaRx pharmacy for their 90-day maintenance medication with $0 copay. Collectively, they have saved $6,600 in co-pays. 

CanaRx pharmaceuticals cost less for the Consortium as well. Since we joined CanaRx in July 2017, the Consortium has saved over… READ MORE

Opiod Crisis - picture of pills

Prescription medications are an important part of treating many health issues and are used effectively by millions of people; however, when misused they become a problem instead of a solution. “Misuse” is when a person uses a prescription drug that is not intended for them, or uses a… READ MORE

Consortium Actual/Budget Claims Well Below Threshold Chart

The Consortium’s vision statement includes promoting a culture of preventative health care for the wellbeing of its subscribers. Supporting this vision is the task of the Owning Your Own Health Committee. We believe that building a culture of preventative wellness not only makes us happier and… READ MORE

Don Barber Director of Consortium

The Greater Tompkins Municipal Health Consortium has a new executive director – Don Barber. Actually, Barber isn’t just the new executive director, he’s the consortium’s first executive director.

If Barber’s name sounds familiar, it should. He is the Town of Caroline Supervisor, a former… READ MORE

Tompkins County Health Consortium

The New York State Insurance Department has agreed to a $1 million reduction in reserving requirements for the Greater Tompkins County Municipal Health Insurance Consortium, a decision Consortium leaders consider a significant breakthrough in efforts to make the long-planned inter-municipal… READ MORE