2022 Standing and Special Committees

Executive Committee:
Judy Drake, Chair
Rordan Hart, Vice Chair
Steve Thayer, Chief Fiscal Officer
Peter Salton, Secretary
Jim Bower, JCPSD Chair
Ray Bunce, Audit and Finance Committee Chair or At-large
Ed Fairbrother, Nominations & Engagement Committee Chair
Lisa Holmes, Operations Committee Chair
Bud Shattuck, Claims and Appeals Committee Chair
Eric Snow, At-large
Gary Mutchler, At-large

Audit and Finance Committee
Steve Thayer, 2022 Chair
Laura Shawley
Lorie Corsette
Rordan Hart, 2022 Vice Chair
Peter Salton
Kate DeVoe, Labor 
Bud Shattuck
Amanda Anderson
Eric Snow



Joint Committee on Plan Structure and Design


Operations Committee
Lisa Holmes, Chair
Vacancy (Labor), Vice Chair
Laura Granger
Ed Fairbrother
Janine Bond
Schelley Michell-Nunn
Sunday Earle
Luann King
Mark Emerson

Nominations and Engagement Committee
Ed Fairbrother, Chair
Jim Bower (Labor)
Gary Mutchler
Terry Baxter
Claims and Appeals Committee: 
Bud Shattuck, Chair
Don Fischer, Vice Chair
Tom Brown
Donna Dawson
Tanya DiGennaro

Investment Management RFP Review Subcommittee: 
Rordan Hart, Chair; Peter Salton, Steve Thayer
Support:  Teri Apalovich, Rick Snyder, Locey & Cahill 
Owning Your Own Health (currently suspended)
Governance Structure Committee (Inactive)