Board of Directors Resolutions & Motions

Resolution No. 001-2022:  Amendment to Resolution No. 014-2021 - Creation of 2022 Committee Structure and Appointment of Members 
Resolution No. 002-2022:  Resolution No. 002-2022 - Authorizing Extension of Office Space Lease Agreement with the Town of Ithaca 
Resolution No. 003-2022:  Adoption of Amendments to the 2022 Budget
Resolution No. 004-2022:  Rescinding Resolution No. 009-2020 and Renaming the Catastrophic Claims Reserve to Catastrophic Claims Self-Insurance Pool
Resolution No. 005-2022:  Adoption of Open Meetings Law Procedures for the Consortium's Board of Directors and Committees
Resolution No. 006-2022:  Resolution of Appreciation of Michelle Cocco's Dedicated Years of Service to the Consortium
Resolution No. 007-2022:  Appointment of Clerk of the Board - Lynne Sheldon
Resolution No. 008-2022:  Adoption of Amended Online Enrollment Policy and Commercial Group Health Insurance Application/Change Form
Resolution No. 009-2022:  Adoption of Policy Regarding Reinstatement or Termination of Members
Resolution No. 010-2022:  Adoption of Business Continuity and Disaster Response Plan - 2022
Resolution No. 011-2022:  Amendment of Rate Stabilization Reserve Policy to Define Claims  
Resolution No. 012-2022:  Authorization to Participate in NYCLASS


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